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Reishi Essence GanoPrime

Reishi Essence GanoPrime, 90 capsules

#REGP90 . Expiration date August 2014.

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Description: Not allreishiproducts are created equal. GanoPrimereishiis made with all natural high grade wood log grown mature redreishiprocessed through a traditional triple hot water extraction method. This approach ensures that the result is a pure water soluble essence of Ganoderma Lucidum. It is then vaccum-dried to become a powdery form ready for the encapsulating process.

Each capsule comes in 500 milligrams containing a total of30+% Polysaccharides, the most important bio-element of red reishi, equaling to a whopping175 mg. of Polysaccharidesconcentration. It also includes 2-3%Triterpenefrom alcohol extraction which translates to a 15mg. concentration in each capsule.

These 90 capsules per bottle give you a total of 45,000mg.

or 45g. of pure redreishiessence extract! GanoPrime is one of the best and most potentreishion the market with substantially high level of essential active bio-elements at an affordable price. Side Effects: There may be rare minor side effects due to the consumption of reishi.

If you are allergic to mushroom in general, avoid taking reishi.
Directions: For preventive purposes, take 1 - 2 capsules daily. For individuals with health issues, take 2-4 capsules twice daily. Specifications: Made in:USA Methods:Oak wood Log and hot water extracted Quantity:90 Capsules Concentration:500mgper capsule - 15:1 extract, dry equivalent to 6g. of fruit body reishi per capsule Ingredients:Organic Red Reishi Extract - Fiber. Capsule:Vegeterian Polysaccharides:30%- 175mg./capsule Triterpenes:2%- 15mg./capsule
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