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5-hour Energy Extra Strength - Grape flavor
5/5 stars
Some days after getting no sleep at night it helps me get thru the day
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5-hour Energy

5-hour Energy Extra Strength - Grape flavor

12 Pack

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 5-hour Energy Extra Strength - Grape


Need an extra boost to get through your day? Grab a Grape Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY shot. It’s packed with a big energy blend and big taste. The only thing small about it is its size. So, why sip yet another coffee when you can have a Grape Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY shot and get hours of energy?

Grape Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY shots are packed with a blend of essential B-vitamins and amino acids, but no sugar or herbal stimulants.


    • 0 net Carbs
    • Extra Caffeine for a more powerful energy boost
    • Packed with B vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients
    • Grape Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® contains zero sugar and four calories.
    • Hours of Energy Now!


Take one half (1/2) bottle for moderate energy. Take one whole bottle for maximum energy. Do not exceed two bottles daily, consumed several hours apart. Use or discard any remainder within 72 hours (3 days) after opening. Refrigeration not required.

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