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AOR Active Mind (Replacing Ovos Vivimind)
5/5 stars
When I was in my teens and twenties I was a real hoot. I used to chat non-stop about my crazy experiences and was a real social butterfly. Then at the age of 32 or 33 I noticed that my memory was fading, I became more introverted, my story telling disappeared, I avoided people. I also noticed that some of my words were slurred or I couldn’t find the right words. I talked to my doctor about it so he had one of his nurses give me a memory test. The test results came back fine and he told me I was healthy, but I wasn’t. My brain was breaking down and I knew it. I felt like I was experiencing what older people experienced as they grow elderly. So I decided to try and find either a supplement or a herbal treatment or a Chinese medicine that would help, even experimented with different diets. I would Google “memory loss” and all of the key words to go along with it to try and find a cure. I would wander into China town and explain to the little old Chinese men what I was looking for. I would walk out with $50 to $100 worth in pills or roots or liquid vials. I’d do the same at drug stores and health food stores. Nothing worked. It was frustrating. The I saw this Active Mind at a local drugstore. It was expensive, and there wasn’t much detail on the web about it (I Googled it before buying it) but I thought I would give it a try. It was a bit hard on my stomach and it made me nauseous. I struggled to take it for a couple of weeks then gave up on it (even though the instructions on the bottle say to take it for 6 months). The next week, days after stopping the Active Mind, I felt abnormally better. I hadn’t been taking any other new medications or supplements and wondered what was going on. I had been tracking my mood on a daily basis to gauge everything from diet, gluten intake, barometric pressure, hours of sleep etc…. I had my mood rating based on a scale of one to ten with clear definitions for each level. I had been between 4 and 6 for years. All of a sudden I jumped up to 7. I figured that I would return to that bottle and keep trying it. I broke the capsules apart and poured half of it out, then put the capsule back together again and swallowed it. I was able to tolerate that dose, I didn’t feel nauseous. I kept taking the stuff every night (half a capsule) for about 2 weeks. I wouldn’t take it in the morning cause I didn’t want to risk feeling sick at work. My mood and my memory seem to be improving even more. I am able to quickly respond back to people at work without being lost in a haze. I am more awake during the day and don’t feel exhausted every afternoon. I sleep less at night but feel better the next day. I am convinced that this stuff is actually working. I started taking full capsules at night a couple of days ago and took a half capsule for the first time this morning. It’s 7:37pm at night and I am still at the office with plenty of energy to keep going…typing this letter. I am going to post this review in as many places as possible cause I think that this stuff is really working. If any of my symptoms sound familiar then give it a shot. Just make sure that you keep taking it for at least a month to start feeling any effects. And take a half capsule with a meal at night to help keep the sick feeling down. Good luck!
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AOR Active Mind (Replacing Ovos Vivimind)

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AOR Active Mind


What makes Active Mind the new generation of memory support solutions? Simply, there is no other natural health product with comparable clinical evidence in the marketplace today. It is scientifically supported by over 15 years of rigorous research, including Phase III clinical testing with over 2,000 individuals. It is the first nutraceutical to undergo MRI baseline studies that support its claim for inhibiting atrophy (shrinkage) of the hippocampus by 68% over 18 months. The active ingredient Homotaurine is found in marine red algae. Shrinkage of the hippocampus is caused by formation of a toxic plaque that causes neurons to become damaged or die, which may cause signalling problems to occur in the brain.
    • Supports memory and learning by inhibiting age related brain volume loss of the hippocampus
    • Maintains verbal skills and comprehension ability
    • Sustains brain cell health by inhibiting beta-amyloid induced neurotoxicity

Directions:  For Adults 50 years of age or older, take 2 capsules twice daily with a meal, or as directed by a qualified health care professional. May start with 1 capsule at bedtime for one week and then progress to 1 capsule twice daily for an additional week to reduce the chance of nausea. Use for a minimum of 6 months for beneficial effects.

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