Peanut Butter Cup Protein 'Nice' Cream

Summer may almost be over, but let's face it, ice cream can be enjoyed any time of the year! Especially healthy, protein ice cream, made with all natural ingredients that will keep you satisfied and energized! This sweet treat will satisfy all your cravings and is perfect for those who want to indulge without the guilt, any time of the day.

Using only the finest New Zealand whey from cows raised with no hormones or pesticides and containing zero artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners, Kaizen's chocolate whey isolate protein is deliciously smooth, easy to digest and easy to mix! Frozen bananas give this recipe it's smooth ice cream texture and their natural sweetness eliminates the need for any added sugar.

A little dose of extra cacao powder gives the chocolate element an extra boost of richness, while the little specs of crunch from the cacao nibs and peanut butter give pure joy with every bite.

You can even get creative by adding some additional healthy toppings like berries, nuts or even an extra dollop of peanut butter and banana slices! So go ahead and indulge. It's good for you!



Combine in small bowl:  Protein powder, cacao powder, & almond milk. Mix with a spoon until completely combined & dissolved.

Place the mix along with the frozen bananas and peanut butter into a high quality blender. Process until ingredients are thoroughly mixed and then add in the cacao nibs.

Process until you reach a smooth ice cream consistency.

You will need to stop blender several times to stir. Serve immediately, or transfer to container, covered tightly and freeze.

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