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Boiron Ignatia Amara 30ch

80 Pellets

Product ID: BOI20130

Expiration: June 2021

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Boiron Ignatia Amara 30ch


A helpful homeopathic remedy used to relieve feelings of grief, disappointment, fear and anger. Ignatia Amara may also help with anxiety, nervousness, headaches and sleeping disorders.


  • Natural homeopathic remedy

  • Recommended for grief, disappointment, fear & anger. Also, anxiety, nervousness and headaches

  • Safe and effective

Directions: Dispense 5 granules from the tube and dissolve under the tongue. For infants, dissolve 5 granules in 30ml of water. Give 5ml each dose.


Ignatia Amara 30ch
Non-Medicinal Ingredients  
Sugar & Lactose

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