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Ascenta Pets

Ascenta Pets

Don't forget about your furry friends, animals needs omega-3 too! Research shows that omega-3 supplementation in animals can help to alleviate a host of health concerns, from dry skin and dull coats to joint and cardiovascular issues. Ascenta Animal Health offers quality liquid omega-3 supplements formulated for dogs, cats, and horses, with the optimal balance of EPA+DHA for these animals, in flavours they’ll love. All Ascenta Pet products are verified by the Pure Check system, giving you confidence that your pets are getting pure, high-qulaity supplements that have been verified by a third-party for label claims and potency. 

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Ascenta Pets

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Ascenta Feline Omega3
Ascenta Feline Omega3140 ml

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Ascenta Canine Omega 3
Ascenta Canine Omega 3500 ml

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Ascenta Canine Omega 3
Ascenta Canine Omega 3200 ml

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Ascenta Pets  
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