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Minami Nutrition

At Minami our products contain up to 90 to 95% pure Omega-3 per capsule so that you only need one capsule per day. Our fish oil purification process does not use chemical solvents and we do not use saturated fats as ‘fillers’ in our capsules. At Minami our products have the highest possible degree of purity.
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Minami Nutrition MorEPA Smart Fats
Minami Nutrition MorEPA Smart Fats60 Softgels

$36.96 $29.90 (Save 19%)

Minami Nutrition Vegan DHA 60 Softgels
Minami Nutrition Vegan DHA 60 Softgels60 Softgels

$44.70 $37.35 (Save 16%)

Minami Nutrition PlusEPA
Minami Nutrition PlusEPA30 Softgels

$30.80 $25.99 (Save 16%)

Minami Nutrition  
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