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Diva International Inc.

Many years ago, at Diva International we had a vision. We dreamed of a healthy and eco-friendly feminine hygiene product that would change the lives of women everywhere. Today at Diva International that dream has become a reality and is empowering women around the world to challenge the menstrual status quo as they discover what it truly means to be a Diva!
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Set Ascending Direction


The Diva Cup - Model 2
The Diva Cup - Model 2The Diva Cup

$57.99 $35.99 (Save 38%)

The Diva Cup - Model 1
The Diva Cup - Model 1The Diva Cup

$60.99 $37.99 (Save 38%)

The Diva Wash
The Diva WashThe Diva Cup

$15.99 $9.99 (Save 38%)

Diva International Inc.  
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