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Prairie Naturals

Prairie Naturals Cal-Mag-Force 2:1

180 tablets

Product ID: PN00133

Expiration: May 2018

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Prairie Naturals Cal-Mag-Force 2:1

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Prairie Naturals Cal-Mag-Force 2:1
4/5 stars
Recommended by my Naturopathic doctor. I like that I can take less calcium but it is supposed to be absorbed better by the body.
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CAL-MAG-FORCE 2:1Nutritional Support for your Bones! Superior skeletal support for bone health. Prairie Naturals CAL-MAG-FORCE 2:1 provides an optimum potency ratio of calcium to magnesium, 400mg of Calcium Citrate/Chelate & 200mg of Magnesium. This highly bioavailable formula is absorbed easily by the body. CAL-MAG-FORCE 2:1Tablets are an excellent choice for those at risk of osteoporosis or anyone wishing to "bone up on bone protecting nutrients".

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