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CanPrev Core Daily performance Shake for Men - Vanilla


Product ID: CP00165

CanPrev Core Daily performance Shake for Men - Vanilla
5/5 stars
I’ve been using Core for the last few months and I must say that I’m pretty satisfied. By far the main plus of Core for me, is that it gives me the peace of mind of knowing I’m getting a solid, bulletproof nutritional foundation everyday. I eat very well 80-90% of the time, but my schedule often gets pretty hectic, which may give way to fast food and less balanced meals out. And on days that I *am* eating well, I can really only cover so many nutrients across 3 meals, so I feel confident knowing that Core is filling in all the nutrition ‘gaps’. I’ve used other similar products like greens+ and Vega in the past and am definitely preferring Core — the flavour is superior, it has a great nutrient profile, and the added benefit of protein (18g). Plus Canprev seems to have a solid reputation with naturopathic community and a lot of research backing their products. I take Core every morning either mixed into a smoothie, or even just mixed into water if I’m in a rush (I have yet to confirm this, but a friend of mine says it mixes into coffee pretty nicely as well). Core also comes in handy one-dose pouches that are great for travelling.
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Expiration: May 2018

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CanPrev Core Daily performance Shake for Men - Vanilla


Whether you’re a road warrior, an ultraracer, or ready to retire (but not from life!) you take your health seriously so you can keep doing the things you love. It shows in how you eat, how you exercise and how you live.When you need an extra healthy foundation, turn to CanPrev Core .

Two scoops pack 18grams of easily digested plant proteinalkalizing leafygreens and antioxidant-rich berries like goji and acai equivalent to eight servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, therapeutic levels of cinnamon for balanced blood sugar, lycopene for the prostate and CoQ10 for the heart. Plus every serving contains 28 vitamins and minerals at dosages naturopathic doctors recommend. 
Pure ingredients free of dairy, wheat, soy and nuts. Vegan with no artifical sweeteners. All in a finely tuned advanced formula you’ve ccome to expect from CanPrev.

Supercharge your day by adding CanPrev Core to your morning smoothie,juice or even cocoa.


    • 18g grams of plant protein
    • Vegan, gluten and dairy free
    • provides enhanced daily nutrition and balanced blood sugar
    • 8 servings of Greens and Superfruits




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