Prairie Naturals Grass Fed Bone Broth Protein Beef 300 g


Beef Broth Protein is considered the "Food of Life" because it provides iron, zinc, protein and other nutrients to help our bodies. Beef protein is also a rich source of the B-12 vitamin, which helps in boosting concentration and energy levels, muscle development and nerve functioning. Unlike normal cows raised with chemicals such as hormones and antibiotics to yield more meat while causing side effects on humans' health, beef cattle raised on grass-fed farms are healthier for all people who consume protein. Also, beef bone protein powder is a healthy alternative to artificial protein powders that are harmful to your health. The best thing about Prairie's brand is that it is 100% safe because the ingredients are not known for any side effects. It is an excellent source of iron, zinc, protein, and other nutrients with zero artificial preservatives.

About Prairie:

Prairie Naturals provides a wide variety of grass-fed beef and poultry products. All of their products are raised on the highest quality grass finishing sites in Texas. Prairie's feed has been evaluated for over 1,200 days of the year – which is more than twice as long as other feed suppliers – and is sure to provide just the right mixture of nutrients beneficial to you, your family and your animals. Their meats and poultry products are 100% natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and fresh.

Benefits for Skin:

Beef bone broth is excellent for the skin in many ways. For starters, it truly helps stretch out your skin's elasticity by improving its strength the more you drink it. Secondly, it also provides relief from the sun, wrinkles and ageing.

Benefits for the digestion system:

The protein of beef bone broth promotes healthy digestion by reducing inflammation in the intestines, which is associated with fructose intolerance and other digestive disorders. The protein of beef bone broth supports healthy digestion by reducing inflammation in the intestines, which is associated with fructose intolerance and other digestive disorders.

How does it help our bones and muscles?

The collagen in beef bone broth also contributes to new connective tissue, which helps our body build and maintain bones and muscles. Beef bone broth is also a rich source of the mineral magnesium. Magnesium helps reduce blood pressure by keeping the walls of arteries relaxed. Magnesium is also critical for maintaining strong bones, muscle tone and works together with calcium to build strong teeth.

Benefits for the heart:

The protein of beef bone broth is perfect for the heart because it helps control glucose levels in the body. The protein in bone broth reduces cholesterol levels, which lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke. Also, the sodium content in beef broth controls blood pressure. Beef bone broth also promotes a normal heart rhythm by maintaining a regular heartbeat and cardiovascular activity.

Benefits for the eyesight:

The collagen in beef bone broth helps our eyesight by increasing elasticity, which gives a sharper look. It also protects against cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, which is a condition in which the light-sensitive cells of the eyes become damaged, leading to blurred vision and blindness.

Benefits for the liver:

The collagen in beef bone broth strengthens the liver by increasing its natural detoxification ability, which has been compromised by stress and exposure to toxins in processed foods. It also helps prevent fatty liver disease.

Why is it essential for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers?

The amino acids in beef bone broth help restore the muscles, which are often bruised during pregnancy. The proteins present in bone broth also aid in repairing lean muscle tissue, building up your blood volume, and helping reduce fatigue. Also, it is an excellent source of B-vitamins that are essential for a healthy pregnancy.

The Benefits of Prairie Grass-Fed Bone Broth Protein:

  1. Prairie is the only brand that offers grass-fed beef bone protein powder. It's great for people who are health conscious and looking for healthy ingredients.
  2. The protein made from grass-fed beef bones is natural, free of chemicals, and is an excellent source of iron, protein and other nutrients.
  3. By eating grass-fed beef bone powder only, you can achieve healthy weight loss, help detoxification or prevent obesity and diabetes.
  4. It is also the only brand that provides 15 g of high-quality beef protein, which can be used with coffee, shakes, smoothies, and other foods as a source of protein boost while maintaining your health and fitness goals.
  5. It is also a rich source of B-12, iron, zinc, amino acids, and others
  6. 100% safe for even the most sensitive people (none of the ingredients are known to have any side effects.)
  7. Certified Organic by USDA Organic program


    Add one scoop (15 g) of Prairie Naturals Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth Protein to 200-250 ml (about 8 oz.) warm water, smoothie, soup or any other hot beverage as desired. Some people also blend into sauces, gravy or other dishes to give a protein boost.  Unlike other protein powders, the taste is soft, and the texture is silky, which can be mixed easily with water or any liquid of your choice. It is also tasteless, so you can mix it with anything you want to boost energy or maintain your weight loss goals while skipping on artificial flavours. Do not exceed 8 oz per serving because it may make you feel bloated. You can use this protein shake after your workout as a recovery drink.

    Is it Safe?

    Even a very small amount of beef bone broth protein powder is all you need to get healthy. The enzymes contained in the protein of beef bone broth can break down proteins from food to be digested. Protein helps your digestive system absorb nutrients that are not available in large amounts from fruits and vegetables. For those suffering from digestive system diseases, beef bone broth can also help to alleviate the symptoms. If you have diabetes, for instance, it will help to regulate your blood sugar by reducing glucose levels and insulin sensitivity.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Lou MacTavish

    I find this bone broth helps me with my stomach problems. I have only been drinking this for 2 weeks but I find that It eases the symptoms that I have with GERD.

    Dominique Bourqui
    Beef Broth 💪

    A real pleasure, within two week I ´m. feeling much better,drinking m’y bouillon every morning at10:30 am, in french and in

    Not Homemade

    Usually make my own bone broth with the thick gelatin. I bought this powdered just as a back up when I don't have time to make it myself. Used it in my smoothie and it mixed well but found it just too much when mixed with my other veggies and fruit. Will experiment to find a more palatable way to take it.

    Drew Ellis

    Great product. Thanks

    Doug Gandar
    Beef bone broth

    Delicious hot morning broth every day..good it

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