Natural Factors GarlicRich Super Strength Garlic Concentrate 500 mg

90 Softgels
by Natural Factors
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Natural Factors GarlicRich Super Strength Garlic Concentrate


Clinical studies confirm that garlic preparations high in allicin reduce elevated blood pressure and cholesterol. Garlic also enhances immune function and supports respiratory health. GarlicRich is made from the whole bulb and guaranteed to be pesticide-free. Each odourless, enteric-coated softgel is equivalent to eight cloves of garlic.

Natural Factors GarlicRich is made from the whole bulb of garlic to ensure its synergistic complexity. The garlic is grown without pesticides and the bulbs are hand-picked and stored in cool temperatures away from light and air to preserve the enzymes and other compounds that make garlic so beneficial. The bulbs are gently processed without ethanol or other solvents. A processing method called EnviroSimplex®, which ensures potency and protects precious actives, exceeds pharmaceutical industry standards and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.


    • Reduces the risk for cardiovacular disease
    • Helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduces blood clotting
    • Enhances immune function
    • Has antibacterial qualities
    • Fights fungal and microbial infections
    • Relieves symptoms of upper respiratory tract invection

Directions: 1 softgel per day or as directed by a health professional.

Supplement Facts
Serving size 1 Softgel
Serving size:90
Servings Amount Per Serving
GarlicRich Garlic(allium sativum),powdered extract(bulb) 500 mg**
Allicin 4215 mcg**
Alliin 9211 mcg**
Total thiosulfinates 8890 mcg**
Gamma Glutamylcysteines 2017 mcg**
** Daily Value not established  
Other ingredients :Softgel capsule(glycerin,gelatin,purified water),organic flaxseed
oil,sunflower lecithin,yellow beeswax,entric coating aqueous Solution(ethylcellulose.
,medium chain triglycerides(coconut),oleic acid,sodium alginate,stearic acid),soy lecithin
1 softgel per day or as directed by a health professional.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent Product

I see immediate results when I take this supplement. I don't know of any other brand that offers such a high concentration of garlic. It's awesome and so glad that I found it!

GarlicRich Garlic Super Strength tablets

Great response. Can't purchase GarlicRich tablets in the U.S. Thank you for providing these important products.


No comment

Relieved my tooth pain...

Back in early 2017 I had tooth abscess and could not get into the dentist for a few days due to having a recent surgery. The pain was excruciating for over a week. A lot of the online remedies talked about chewing on a piece of garlic and I tried that but my tooth was so painful that I could chew on anything and really questioned whether those people actually had a tooth abscess! I decided to try a garlic supplement instead out of pure desperation. This was the strongest one I could find and within three days the pain and swelling was substantially relieved! I thought it might be a fluke. A year later I had another tooth flare up with an abscess and tried the garlic right away and within 2 days no pain! I just ordered another bottle as my husband needs a root canal due to a broken tooth and due to the coronavirus deemed it not necessary. He was on antibiotics but started having pain so he started taking this garlic supplement and is pain free. He is scheduled for a root canal at the end of June. A nurse friend takes a garlic supplement during cold and flu season and swears by it so we may start this during this season. I know Garlic is a blood thinner so anyone taking this should probably stop before any surgery or at least tell your physician ahead of time that you are taking garlic.

Loving it

It’s everything I hoped for. I’m using it to cope with H. Pylori infection. It really doesn’t seem to leave too much garlic smell. The capsules are clean and neat. I’m really happy with it.

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sisu full spectrum curcumin

just recived it yesterday, can't tell how good it is. but my family use sisu's vitaminand they all pretty good.

A great sleeping aid

I am very pleased with my purchase and plan on buying this product on a regular


I thought it would help with my spinal Stenosis, but it didn’t. I think it does help my knees, though.


With kidney and liver issues I find this product of great value, the ingredients assist both issues for me...thank you for asking.