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Ashwagandha packaged in a way that was secure yet still able to fit in my mailbox. No gross aftertaste from these. Highest MGs per cap I’ve been able to find on the market.

Cotton Candy is Sealicious!

I am not a child but I once was and hated liquid Omega 3! My dietician suggested I use a liquid rather than a capsule. She suggested this one.
It goes down very easily. I highly recommend it!😊

Excellent product

This L-Theanine is not comparable to other ones I have tried, not the first time I purchase AOR brand and is not gonna be the last time.

Potent anti inflammatory!

I had a car accident and in a lot of joint pain from the impact and overall pain. I decided to try this curcumin because of the bioavailability (easier to absorb). I took this along with Sisu No.7 and it has helped settle the joint pain. I will continue to take it to reduce overall inflammation in my body, it’s a potent antioxidant too. The capsules are a bit big, so if you are having trouble swallowing larger capsules this may not be for you.