Organic Traditions Dried Bitter Apricot Kernels

Bitter Apricot Kernels have been used in Asian Medicine for centuries. These kernels were prized by the legendary Hunza people who were known for their health and longevity. Organic Traditions Dried Bitter Apricot Kernels are manually harvested and sun-dried. The kernels can be chewed or ground and sprinkled on food or added to a juice or smoothie.


    • Sun-dried and untreated
    • Contains vitamin B17
    • Vegan
    • Gluten Free
    • Raw
    • Organic

Customer Reviews

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Martial L`Ecuyer

I received on january 16 th a refund notification from Vitasave because you where ``out of stock`` of the item i ordered.You must still be ``out of stock``of Organic Tradition Dried Bitter Abricot Kernels !Let me know aout itThank you.

Amygdalin does not fight cancer

I can't believe people are still selling these things based on the idea that they fight cancer. They do not. But "vitamin B17 (hahaha)", otherwise known as amygdalin, does break down into cyanide when ingested and cyanide will kill you in a reasonably painless, quick and efficient manner. Being heavily depressed, agoraphobic and suicidal I wanted to ensure that I have an exit strategy ready to go whenever I decide I want it and I that's why this gets five stars because I'm dumbfounded that I just ordered enough amygdalin to kill several adults and it was legal and quick and convenient. I didn't even have to open the door for the driver he put it inside my veranda.

I ate four kernels and they didn't taste all that bad and then I put the rest away for now. I don't know if I let a cat out of the bag on this, like maybe it's only suicidal people buying these things. If I did, well, there's always rope.

Lila McMorran
Definitely recommend

I felt them work right away and they taste amazing. Definitely getting more.

Steffany tylor
Bitter apricots seeds

I absolutely love these,
3 a day is you need!

organic apricot kernels

great to add to anticancer protocols!!

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