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Orange Naturals

Orange Naturals Cough+Cold (for kids)

100 ml tincture

Product ID: ON00503

Expiration: March 2020

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Orange Naturals Cough+Cold (for kids)

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Fighting an infection? Reach for Cough + Cold Kids tincture formulated specially for kids. It combines power of echinacea, the number one herb for colds, along with thyme, licorice and chamomile to help fight off infections - especially those that settle in the nose and chest. Thyme is an wonderful herb with antibacterial properties, while licorice can clear away congestion and calms coughs and chamomile ensure your little one gets a restful sleep. Cough + Cold Kids version is found in a sweet glycerin base to suit the taste buds of your little ones.

Strong enough for adults but made especially for kids.
Medicinal Ingredients
Servings Size: 1 tea spoon
Servings Per Container: 100 ml
 Amount per Servings
Echinacea* (Echinacea purpurea, 1:4 root extract)100 mg
Chamomile* (Matricaria chamomilla, 1:4 flower extract)50 mg
Thyme* (Thymus vulgaris, 1:4 leaf extract)50 mg
Licorice* (Glycyrrhiza glabra, 1:5 root and stolon extract)40 mg
*Organically grown  
Non Medicinal Ingredients: Glycerin and citric acid.

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