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Life Choice Ephedra Tincture
Life Choice Ephedra Tincture100 ml

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Ephedrine is derived from epehdra, a plant native to Paksitan, China and India. Some epehdra species grow in the Southwest desert of the United Statges. The young stems and branchelts are the parts used for the medicinial preparations. Medicinal uses of ephedrine include asthma, coughing, bronchitis, allergie rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal congestion. Epehdrine can come in dried or liquid form and can be taken as a tablet, capsule or as a drinkable tea. It is suggested ephedrine should only be used on a short-term basis. *Ephedrine is for Canadian order only and can not be shipped to any other country other than Canada. 

USA Orders - Dendrobium or Synephrine. Both dendrobium and synephrine are very similar to ephedrine and can be shipped to the United States.

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