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Platinum EasyMulti

120 softgels

Product ID: PL03062

Expiration: August 2018

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Platinum EasyMulti

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Platinum EasyMulti
5/5 stars
Easy to swallow, doesn't get stuck. No nausea or GI irritation as experienced with some brands found in the grocery stores.
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Platinum Easy Multi

With the declining nutrient values in fruits and vegetables combined with increased exposure to pollution and stressors, multivitamins are more important today than ever before. Offering a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals, Easymulti® helps you meet your daily nutritional needs.


    • Protect the cardiovascular system
    • Lower 'bad' LDL cholesterol
    • Raise 'good' HDL cholesterol
    • Discourage fat storage
    • Improve cognitive function and mood
    • Reduce inflammation in the body


    • Lower total and 'bad' cholesterol
    • Raise 'good' HDL cholesterol
    • Supports normal blood pressure
    • Reduce pain, swelling and inflammation associated with arthritis 
    • Combat eczema
    • Relieve symptoms of PMS and menopause

Vitamin D

    • Aid in the absorption of calcium
    • Necessary for proper dental development
    • Boost immunity 

Directions: 1 capsule daily with a meal or as directed by your healthcare practitioner 

Ingrédients médicinaux : Chaque capsule contient :

Dunaliella salina Beta-carotene/bêta-carotène 5000 IU/3000 mcg 16.7 mg

Vitamin/e D (Cholecalciferol/cholécalciférol) 15 mcg/600 IU

Vitamin/e E (d-alpha tocopherol/d-alpha tocophérol) 40.2 mg/60 IU

Vitamin/e K1 (Phytonadione/phytonadione) 90 mcg

Vitamin/e C (Ascorbic Acid/acide ascorbique) 85 mg

Vitamin/e B-1 (Thiamine HCI/chloryhydrate de thiamine) 5.6 mg

Vitamin/e B-2 (Riboflavin/riboflavine) 5.6 mg

Vitamin/e B-6 (Pyridoxine HCI/chloryhydrate de pyridoxine) 7.6 mg

Vitamin/e B-12 (Methylcobalamin/méthylcobalamine) 100 mcg

Vitamin/e B-3 (Niacinamide/niacinamide) 36 mg

Pantothenic acid (d-Calcium Pantothenate)/acide panthoténique (d-panthoténique de calcium) 5 mg

Folic Acid/acide folique 800 mcg

Iron/fer (Iron II bisglycinate/bisglycinate de fer II) 15 mg

Fish Oil EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) Omega-3/Acide eicosapentanoïque oméga 3       150 mg

DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) Omega-3/Acide docosahexanoïque oméga 3 (ADH),    150 mg 300 mg

Copper (Cupric citrate)/cuivre (citrate cuprique) 1 mg

Zinc (citrate) 11 mg Manganese (citrate)/manganèse (citrate) 2 mg

Iodine (Potassium iodide)/iode (iodure de potassium) 220 mcg

Chromium (Chromium HVP Chelate)/chrome (PVH chélaté) 200 mcg

Choline (Choline Bitartrate)/choline (bitartrate de choline) 10 mg

Selenium (Selenium HVP Chelate)/sélénium (PVH chélaté) 30 mcg

1 capsule daily with a meal or as directed by your healthcare practitioner

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