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Flavor God Habanero

5 OZ (141 G)

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Flavor God Habanero

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Flavor God Habanero


After receiving inquiries worldwide for an extra spicy herb and spice blend, I'm excited to release my Habanero seasoning! Fresh habanero peppers infuses your meals with its signature fiery heat followed by savory and aromatic herbs while finishing with milder spices. My new Habanero seasoning is the perfect blend to prepare spicy themed dishes spanning any regional cuisine of the world. It can be used just as freely as my other all purpose seasonings to finish any meal prior to serving whenever extra spicy flavors are preferred. My Habanero seasoning is your new first and final option whenever you need your meals to taste SPICY! Get yours today while supplies last! Chris Wallace


  • Paleo
  • Non-GMO
  • MSG free

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