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Pukka Cleanse Tea
Pukka Cleanse Tea20 Tea sachets

$11.99 $7.99 (Save 33%)

Pukka Relax
Pukka Relax20 teabags

$11.99 $7.99 (Save 33%)

Pukka Refresh
Pukka Refresh20 teabags

$11.99 $7.99 (Save 33%)

Pukka Love
Pukka Love20 teabags

$11.99 $7.99 (Save 33%)

Pukka Detox
Pukka Detox20 teabags

$11.99 $7.99 (Save 33%)

Pukka Star Anise and Cinnamon
Pukka Star Anise and Cinnamon20 teabags

$11.99 $7.99 (Save 33%)

Pukka Vanilla Chai
Pukka Vanilla Chai20 teabags

$11.99 $7.99 (Save 33%)

Pukka Original Chai
Pukka Original Chai20 teabags

$11.99 $7.99 (Save 33%)

Pukka Revitalise
Pukka Revitalise20 teabags

$11.99 $7.99 (Save 33%)

Innotech Wholy Tea - The Total Body Cleanse
Innotech Wholy Tea - The Total Body Cleanse8 Tea Bags

$59.99 $36.99 (Save 38%)

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We are proud to say that all our herbs and products at Pukka are certified organic by the Soil Association of the USDA organic standards equivalent and can all be traced back to the field in which they were grown. Throughout our journey at Pukka the huge support we’ve received from our customers has encouraged us to stay true to our roots and vision. We’re still passionate about sharing the wonders of organic herbs as we were when the seeds of Pukka were first sown.
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