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Garden of Life

Garden of Life Raw Organic All-In-One Shake Lightly Sweet

1038 g

Product ID: GL92842

Expiration: February 2020

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Garden of Life Raw Organic All-In-One Shake Lightly Sweet


A delicious, Raw Organic All-In-One Shake packed with incredible nutrition to help you build lean muscle when combined with regular training and a healthy balanced diet.


  • 20 g clean, organic plant protein
  • Loaded with 44 superfoods
  • No stevia
  • 1.5 billion live probiotics plus enzymes
  • 21 whole food vitamins & minerals
  • 7 g of organic fiber


Mix 1 level scoop (scoop included) with 240 ml (8 oz) of water. Delicious with unswettened almond milk. Ensure to drink enough fluid before, during and after exercise.

Each scoop (37 g) contains:
Raw Organic Protein Blend: Organic pea protein (seed, 80% protein, 14.1 g), organic sprouted brown rice protein (seed, 80% protein, 9.4 g), organic amaranth sprout (0.98 mg), organic buckwheat sprout (0.98 mg), organic millet sprout (0.98 mg), organic quinoa sprout (0.98 mg), organic garbanzo bean sprout (0.25 mg), organic lentil sprout (0.25 mg), organic adzuki bean sprout (0.25 mg), organic pumpkin seed sprout (0.25 mg), organic sesame seed sprout (0.25 mg), organic sunflower seed sprout (0.03 mg).   23.5 g
Raw Organic Fiber Blend: Organic isomaltooligosaccharide (5 g), organic chia seed (1.25 g), organic flax seed (500 mg).   6.75 g
Raw Organic Fruit & Vegetable Blend: Organic spinach (leaf, 253.2 mg), organic baobab (fruit, 250 mg), organic apple (fruit, 91.9 mg), organic beet (root, 4.6 mg), organic broccoli (stalk and flower, 4.02 mg), organic carrot (root, 3.86 mg), organic tomato (fruit, 2.2 mg), organic green bell pepper (fruit, 0.54 mg), organic brussels sprout (leaf, 0.33 mg), organic ginger (root, 0.3 mg), organic garlic (bulb, 0.29 mg), organic onion (bulb, 0.28 mg), organic strawberry (fruit, 0.24 mg), organic cherry (fruit, 0.19 mg), organic parsley (leaf, 0.15 mg), organic cauliflower (flower and stem, 0.13 mg), organic blackberry (fruit, 0.09 mg), organic cabbage (leaf, 0.04 mg), organic blueberry (fruit, 0.04 mg), organic raspberry (fruit, 0.03 mg), organic kale (leaf, 0.02 mg), organic cucumber (gourd, 0.02 mg), organic celery (stalk, 0.02 mg), organic asparagus (flower and stem, 0.02 mg).   612.5 mg
Raw Organic Greens Blend: Alfalfa grass juice (250 mg), organic spirulina (100 mg), organic barley grass juice (3 mg), organic oat grass juice (3 mg), organic wheat grass juice (3 mg).   359 mg
Raw Probiotic & Enzyme Blend: Enzyme Blend [lipase (95 FCC LU), protease (398 FCC HUT), aspergillus acid protease (2 FCC SAPU), beta-glucanase (0.5 FCC BGU), cellulase (35 FCC FTU), bromelain (stem, 10,719 FCC PU), phytase (1 FCC FTU), lactase (29 FCC CU), papain (fruit, 13,339 FCC PU), pectinase (1 Endo-PG), hemicellulase (36 FCC HU), xylanase (9 XU)]. Probiotics (1.5 billion cfu) lactobacillus plantarum (Lp-115, 1.43 billion cfu), lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp bulgaricus (Lb-87 0.07 billion)   9.04 mg
Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol)   5 mcg
Vitamin K1   20 mcg
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol)   14.5 mg AT
Beta-Carotene   349 mcg
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)   20 mg
Thiamine   0.70 mg
Riboflavin   0.49 mg
Niacinamide   10.4 mg
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride)   0.96 mg
Folate (folic acid)   155 mcg
Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)   10 mcg
Biotin   40 mg
Pantothenic acid (calcium-D-pantothenate)   5.13 mg
Zinc (HVP chelate)   3.14 mg
Chromium (HVP chelate)   60 mcg
Non-medicinal Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, organic vanilla flavour.   
Contains no dairy or soy, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. Manufactured in a facility that also processes egg, milk, soy, and tree nuts. May contain traces of soy due to agriculture practices.   
Calories   130
Fat   1.5 g
Saturated   0 g
Trans   0 g
Polyunsaturated   0.5 g
Omega-6   0.5 g
Omega-3   0.5 g
Monounsaturated   1 g
Cholesterol   0 mg
Sodium   140 mg
Potassium   70 mg
Carbohydrate   13 g
Fibre   7 g
Soluble fibre   1 g
Insoluble fibre   6 g
Sugars   6 g
Protein   20 g
Directions: Mix 1 level scoop with 240 ml of water.   


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