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Holistic Blend

Holistic Blend Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil


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Expiration: February 2018

Holistic Blend Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

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Known for its excellent source of high quality protein, containing all essential amino acids, salmon oil is easy to digest and is an excellent food source for dogs or cats of all life stages, additionally aiding in Omega 3 & 6 balance.

Weight Dosage(kg/lbs.) Twice/day

0-5 kg/0-11 lbs 2 mL

6-11 kg/12-22 lbs 4 mL

12-15 kg/23-33 lbs 6 mL

16-20 kg/34-44 lbs 8 mL

21-30 kg/45-66 lbs 10 mL

31-40 kg/67-88 lbs 12 mL

41-50 kg/89-110 lbs 15 mL

51-60 kg/111-132 lbs 18 mL

Ingredients: Cold pressed Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.

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