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AOR Lactoferrin Ultra

1 kg

Product ID: AOR04159

Expiration: October 2019

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AOR Lactoferrin Ultra - Replacing Immune Ultra


Lactoferrin-ULTRA™ combines an ultra-high dose of lactoferrin with whey protein isolate and a high-protein concentrate (76% protein). Lactoferrin is a minor whey protein fraction. In humans, lactoferrin levels increase naturally after intense bouts of physical activity. This response enhances the immune system which can be weakened by rigorous exercise. Lactoferrin-ULTRA is a source of essential and branched chain amino acids for protein synthesis and of protein which helps build antibodies and build and repair body tissues. Lactoferrin-ULTRA uses cross-flow microfiltration (not ion-exchange) to maximize protein content and minimize unnecessary carbohydrate and saturated fat while retaining all bioactive peptide subfractions. The low temperature, filtration-based processing techniques used in these materials allow absolute minimal protein denaturation.


    • Provides a high dose of isolated lactoferrin
    • Enhances the immune system and fights cancer
    • Increases levels of antioxidants
    • Lactoferrin Ultra provides 4.8g of lactoferrin per serving

Directions: Mix 1 scoop per day with your favorite beverage or as directed by a qualified health practitioner. Stir with a spoon for 30 seconds. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size:  1 Rounded Scoop (~30 g)
Servings Amount/Serving %DV
Energy 116 Cal/486 kJ  
    Calories from Fat 6 Calories/25 kJ  
Proteins 25 g  
     Whey protein 20 g*  
     Lactoferrin 4.8 g  
     Alpha-lactalbumin 3.9 g  
     Glycomacropeptides 3.0 g  
Carbohydrates 0.6 g  
     Sugars 0.6 g  
     Fibre 0.0 g  
Fat 1.0 g  
     Saturated Fa 0.6 g  
Calcium 150 mg  
Sodium 70 mg  
Typical Amino Acid Profile Per 30g serving    
Essential Amino Acids 12 g  
Isoleucine (BCAA) 1.37 g  
Leucine (BCAA) 2.59 g  
Valine (BCAA) 1.42 g  
Phenylalanine 0.86 g  
Methionine 0.47 g  
Lysine 2.28 g  
Tryptophan 0.48 g  
Threonine 1.60 g  
Histidine 0.52 g  
Non Essential Amino Acids 13 g  
Alanine 1.22 g  
Arginine 0.86 g  
Aspartic Acid 2.52 g  
Cysteine 0.69 g  
Glutamic Acid 3.68 g  
Glycine 0.54 g  
Proline 1.63 g  
Serine 1.16 g  
Tyrosine 0.79 g  
*from 12.8 g of whey protein isolate (84% protein) and 12.6 g whey protein concentrate (74% protein).Ingredients: Cross-flow microfiltered whey protein isolate and concentrate, lactoferrin isolate, soy lecithin.
AOR Guarantees:
that no ingredients not listed on the label have been added to the product. Contains no wheat, gluten, corn, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, sulphites, mustard, dairy, soy, eggs, fish, shellfish or any animal byproduct.
Cautions:Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you have liver or kidney disease, if you have been instructed to follow a low protein diet or for use beyond 8 weeks. May cause mild gastrointestinal disturbances. Use with caution if you are allergic to dairy or soy.
Adult Dosage: Mix 1 scoop per day with your favorite beverage or as directed by a qualified health practitioner. Stir with a spoon for 30 seconds. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications.
Pregnancy/Nursing:Consult a health care practitioner prior to use
Lactoferrin - New Zealand bovine milk Whey protein isolate & concentrate - North American bovine milk
Main Indications:
  • Targets abnormal cells
  •  Immune function
  •  Anti-inflammatory
  •  Infections
  •  Autoimmune conditions
  • 100% Natural Grade A
  • Free of Pesticides
  • Negative for Antibiotics

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