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Kaizen BCAA's Unflavoured

300 g

Product ID: KA13061

Kaizen BCAA's Unflavoured
5/5 stars
If you bitches want some real GAINZ take this shit fam for real your muscles will be poppin you will be getting all da hoes
Rating: 5.00 - 2 votes

Expiration: September 2020

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Kaizen BCAA's Branched Chain Amino Acids - Unflavoured 


BCAA's (branched chain amino acids) are comprised of leucine, isoleucine and valine. These 3 amino acids are 3 of 9 essential amino acids. This means the body can not produce them and as such they must come from food or supplement sources.

What makes these BCAA’s so special, is unlike all other amino acids, BCAA’s can be metabolized and utilized in muscle tissue rather than having to go to the liver first.
Thanks to the unique muscle metabolizing characteristic of BCAA’s, they are a powerful source of fuel to help enhance and maintain intense activity. They also help prevent muscle protein breakdown, and enhance muscle protein synthesis. All this leads to enhanced performance and muscle growth when combined with appropriate training.

Anyone can use Kaizen’s BCAA’s, but hard training athletes will get the most benefit. It is equally beneficial for both men and women.


    • Support muscle growth and recuperation
    • Source of essential amino acids
    • Athletic support
    • Workout supplement
    • Helps maintain good health

Directions: Simply use 1 – 3 servings daily. On training days take one serving before and after training and one serving before bedtime. On non-training days take 1 serving before each meal on an empty stomach.


Nutritional Facts

  • Reviews (2)
Verified Buyer
100% of 100
Simple and good
Stuff works great, no gimmicks, keeps me going on long workouts. All amino's in this formula are derived from non gmo corn. I mix it with some juice or something and it's flavourless. Would recommend 100%, love all Kaizen products I've tried up to now.
Verified Buyer
100% of 100
Makes you all kinds of gains
If you bitches want some real GAINZ take this shit fam for real your muscles will be poppin you will be getting all da hoes

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