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Karlene's Sea-licious Kids Omega-3 + Vitamin D - Cotton Candy Flavour

500 ml

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Karlene's Sea-licious Kids Omega-3 + Vitamin D Cotton Candy Flavour

If you are looking for a way to hook your little one into enjoying their daily dose of omega-3, Sea-licious Cotton Candy is the perfect, all natural treat for them.

When Sea-licious creator Karlene was thinking about her most fun time as a kid, and the “food” that was such an absolute treat, she immediately thought about cotton candy at the fair. The smell of burnt sugars, warm and sweet with the swirled, hot airy colors of blue and pink, is reminiscent of a fun, happy time in a child’s life. But as we know, cotton candy with all the food coloring and sugar is a forbidden food for most kids. Instead, Sea-licious cotton candy is a sugar-free, all-natural flavor extract of cooked sugars distilled to create the aroma, taste and feel of swirled cotton candy.

Sea-licious Cotton Candy is the newest, most innovative and completely unique flavor, and is proving to be popular with children for its delicious flavor, and 400 I.U. of vitamin D. We even find many parents are opting for this flavor to give them a little piece of their childhood.



1-13 years old

½ to 1 tsp. 

(2.5 to 5 ml) daily


Medicinal Ingredients

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