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Bell Kidney Cleanse & Function Tea

120 g

Product ID: BE11048

Expiration: January 2020

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Bell Kidney Cleanse & Function Tea


Kidney Cleanse & Function Tea (Product #76) is a special herbal formulation designed to support kidney health.  With a blend of herbs including Bermuda grass, uva-ursi, lavender, stinging nettle, parsley, astragalus and marshmallow, you can be sure that this state of the art formulation will meet your goals. This therapeutic herbal tea has natural cleansing properties and tastes great hot or iced! 

The Kidney Cleanse & Function Tea comes as a loose tea, so you can make an entire pot at one time if you prefer and it is a 2-4 week supply for a very reasonable price. If you want to support and maintain sound kidney health, this tea is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 


    • Helps to support and maintain sound kidney health.
    • Treats early symptoms of mild urinary tract infections such as burning sensation during urination and/or frequent urination.
    • Stinging nettle, uva-ursi, and parsley are natural diuretics.
    • This therapeutic tea formulation also has natural cleansing properties.
    • Tastes great hot or iced!

Directions: Drink 1 cup of tea, twice daily. After desired results have been attained, drink 1 cup of tea daily for maintenance.

Couach grass, uva ursi leaves, lavender flowers, nettle leaves, parsley leaves, astragalus root, marshmallow root

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