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Making Sense of Women's Health: A Naturopathic Solution

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Making Sense of Women's Health: A Naturopathic Solution


 Making Sense of Women's Health, by Dr. Marita Schauch, BSc, ND is a comprehensive guide for women of all ages. It offers information on complementary therapies such as lifestyle and diet, vitamin supplements, and herbs to help women make informed choices about their specific health concerns. With everything from Adrenal Fatigue, inferetility and PMS to vaginitis, women will find all the information they need to treat and prevent the  most common women's conditions. Dr. Schuach is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Canada's premier institute for education and research in naturopatheic medicine. Through her passion for education and health, Dr. Schauch leads by example and hopes to empower others to choose positive lifestyle choices in order to live optimally.


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