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Manuka Health Manuka Honey Platinum
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Manuka Health

Manuka Health Manuka Honey Platinum

250 g

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Manuka Health Manuka Honey Platinum


Manuka Honey from Manuka Health is a delicious, creamy honey well known for its unique taste.  Manuka flowers have a strong aromatic fragrance, providing a rich tasting honey enjoyed by all!  Manuka Health selects only the finest raw Manuka Honey for their products and great care is taken to ensure that the level of bioactive compounds such as beneficial enzymes, nutrients and antioxidant properties are preserved.   Used on food or as an ingredient, the flavours of this honey provide a wonderful complement. 


  • Raw (unpasteurized)
  • Additive and preservative free
  • Gluten free
  • Non-GMO
  • Most effective taken on its own by the spoonful

Directions: Can be taken by eating like regular honey, or can be applied directly on the skin surface to treat minor wounds and burns.

Manuka Honey

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