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Natural Bristle Body Brush, Wood
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I recently bought the Natural Bristle Body Brush from Vitasave to give this 'dry brushing situation a try. For the past week, I've dry brushed first thing in the morning using this brush and must say, I'm amazed at how awesome it makes me feel! Even on the most sluggish of mornings, it totally energizes me! This brush is gentle on my sensitive skin and the longer curved handle helps me reach all the way to my toes (even though I'm sometimes stiff first thing in the morning). A great addition to my morning routine!
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Natural Bristle Body Brush, Wood

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Natural Bristle Body Brush


A necessity for any shower or bath, this natural bristle brush is made soft and comfortable body cleansing. 

Brush your skin and massage away that cellulite! Dry body brushing is an age old method believed to help improve the condition of the skin and aid in removing toxins from the body. It is also believed that massaging cellulite improves circulation and helps minimize its appearance, along with exercise and a healthy diet. 

Directions: Use your body brush on dry skin daily, before your shower, for two to five minutes. 

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