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Omega Alpha

Omega Alpha Para-Free

500 mL

Product ID: OA40005

Expiration: November 2020

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Omega Alpha Para-Free

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WITH OMEGA ALPHA'S PARA-FREE FOR PETS, Your beloved pet need not suffer the ill effects of parasites. Suitable for both cats and dogs, Para-Free contains the following herbs: Quisqualis indica, Torreya grandis, Areca catechu, Dryopteris crassirhizoma, Curcubia moschata, Allium sativum all in an easy-to-use, and better absorbed liquid formulation, with natural chicken flavour. Effective for infestations of amoebae, blood flukes, fasciolopsis, hookworm, pinworm, roundworm, schistosomes, tapeworm, and threadworm.
Quisqualis indica 125 mgAllium sativum 80 mgTorreya grandis 80 mgDryopteris crassirhizoma 80 mgAreca catechu 60 mgCurcubia moschata 60 mg

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