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Organika Activated Charcoal + Enhanced Collagen Bundle

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Organika Activated Charcoal + Enhanced Collagen Bundle
Organika Activated Charcoal + Enhanced Collagen Bundle

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    Organika Activated Charcoal + Enhanced Collagen


    Organika® Activated Charcoal powder is an all-natural product to help clean up and revamp your beauty routine. It has been used in Europe and Asia as a response to poisonings because of its abilities to absorb toxins. For external use, it can be mixed with water and used as a face mask, to help pull impurities from the pores. It can also be mixed with water, and brushed on to teeth for a quick and effective whitening treatment. Organika® Activated Charcoal is pure, and contains no fillers. It is ecologically sourced from American Tree Farm System (AFTS) certified trees, ensuring that no old growth forests are affected.


    • No added chemicals
    • Natural detoxing face mask
    • Whitens teeth naturally
    • Absorbs impurities from the pores
    • Gets rid of bad breath, body odors, & skin ailments


    Organika Enhanced Collagen


    Collagen is important for the health of your skin, hair and nails. It’s also essential for maintaining healthy joints. Collagen production decreases with age, so adding a naturally sourced collagen supplement can help counter the negative impact.

    Enhanced Bovine Collagen is hydrolized for easy absorption, and sourced from grass fed cows.

    Restore and rebuild collagen with Organika®’s Enhanced Collagen, flavourless hydrolyzed collagen (peptides). Peptides are short chain amino acids naturally derived from collagen protein. These natural peptides are highly bio-available, digestible and soluble. Sourced from grass-fed cows, Organika®’s Enhanced Collagen is rBGH & BSE-free (no antibiotics or hormones), with no artificial sweeteners or GMO ingredients. Amino acids glycine, lysine & proline revitalize firm and smooth skin.


    • collagen forming
    • healthy skin
    • essential amino acids

    Directions: Mix 1 tablespoon (8.5 g) in half a cup or more of cold water, juice or your favourite beverage. 

    Activated Charcoal. 


    MEDICINAL INGREDIENT – EACH TABLESPOON CONTAINS: Hydrolyzed Collagen (Peptides) (Bovine Skin) 8.5 g
    Providing the following Typical Amino Acid Profile:
    Alanine 8.5% (722 mg)
    Arginine 8.5% (722 mg)
    Aspartic Acid 5.75% (489 mg)
    Glutamic Acid 10.8% (918 mg)
    Glycine 24.25% (2,061 mg)
    Histidine 0.75% (64 mg)
    Hydroxylysine 1.0% (85 mg)
    Hydroxyproline 13.25% (1,126 mg)
    Isoleucine 1.65% (140 mg)
    Leucine 3.25% (276 mg)
    Lysine 4.05% (344 mg)
    Methionine 0.8% (68 mg)
    Phenylalanine 2.35% (200 mg)
    Proline 14.6% (1,241 mg)
    Serine 3.7% (315 mg)
    Threonine 2.2% (187 mg)
    Valine 2.8% (238 mg) 



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