Frequently Asked Questions | VIP Membership

Frequently Asked Questions | VIP Membership

How can customers find out when their membership expires?

Your VIP membership expires one year from the date you purchased it. If you forgot when you purchased your membership, kindly email our customer service staff with the name and email address of the account who can check the expiration date.

Will there be any VIP exclusive sales OR sales that will compound with my VIP discount?

We’re continuously working on ways to provide our VIPs with even greater savings. When possible, VIPs may receive additional discounts on future sales. VIPs can always find out what sales are coming up by contacting us on social media, email, or over the phone. New Years and Boxing Day sales are not compoundable with VIP discounts. Fortunately, VIPs receive 10% off their entire purchase year-round!

Does the complimentary 15% discount code expire? 

Your complimentary 15% off discount code does not expire, however, you will only be able to use it once! Feel free to stock up on all of your favourite products.

When will the new loyalty program be implemented?

At this time, there is no set date for the launch of our new loyalty program, but it will be released in 2022. Make sure you are subscribed to our emailing list to be the first to find out about it!

Why are you discontinuing the VIP program? 

Our goal is to make sure you get the most out of your experience while shopping with us. In order to make room for better deals, discounts, and rewards, we need to discontinue our VIP program. 

Is the 15% discount code compoundable with VIP 10%?

No, the discount code is NOT compoundable with VIP discount. Which is why we recommend using it after your VIP membership has expired.