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Precision Amino-PLX Lemon Freeze

1200 g

Product ID: PR00806

Expiration: October 2020

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Precision Amino-PLX Lemon Freeze


Everything in you is driven to win - to grow, perform and become. Raise your standards, tear down your limit and aim at the greatness you crave. Narrow your focus, take a deep breath and hit your mark. 

Precision Amino-PLX is a source of essential amino acids involved in muscle protein synthesis. Assits in the building of lean muscle combined with regular weight training and a healthy balaned diet


  • helps develop lean, clean muscle mass 
  • features leucine, isoleucine, and valine – 3 key BCAAs that’ll get you through every step of your athletic journey
  • 3 amazing flavours (Arctic Raspberry, Lemon Freeze, Rainbow Candy Rush) with zero sugars
  • carefully fermented so that AMINO-PLX is easy on your gut and quickly absorbed
  • excellent source of BCAAs for increased muscle protein synthesis
  • BCAAs derived strictly from 100% plant sources: beets and corn
  • no artificial colours, no bad stuff, just cold, hard power with every scoop


Mix one scoop into 500 ml - 525 ml of water or the beverage of your choice immediately before consumption. Coneusme one serving daily.


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