6 Supplement Starter Pack

by Vitasave
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6 Supplement Intro Pack includes: 
Vitamin D Canprev Vit D liquid or capsules
Trophic Chelazome Magnesium Bisglycinate
Garden of Life Once Daily 30Billion
AOR Advanced B Complex
Platinum Easymulti


CanPrev Pro Essentials D3 Drops

  • Liquid sunshine in a bottle to help support bone health
  • Each drop contains 400IU D3
  • 450 drops per bottle


  • Healhy heart
  • Helathy joiints
  • Eye and nervous system development 
  • Balanced EPA/DHA ratios

Trophic Chelazome Magnesium Bisglycinate

  • Excellent source of Magnesium
  • Helps relax muscles and aids in fighting depression
  • Needed for enzyme production
  • Chelated for better absorption
  • Convenient tablet formula

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Once Daily 30 Billion No Refrigeration

  • Daily support of digestive and immune system health
  • Promotes digestive balance and regularity
  • Helps relieve occasional discomfort
  • 30 billion CFU¹; 14 raw probiotic strains

AOR Advanced B Complex

  • The most active forms of the B-vitamins
  • Balanced ratios and clinically-supported doses
  • Support for energy, stress, metabolism and nerve function

Platinum EasyMulti

  • Ensures your body gets all the essential nutrients it needs
  • Fills in nutrition gaps for nutrients lacking in your diet
  • Helps support overall health and prevents disease
  • B vitamins keep your energy levels up
  • Vitamin D3 supports bone health, immune function and cardiovascular health
  • Omega-3s & -6s support your heart, brain and immune system
  • Omega Suspension Technology (OST) provides better absorption and results you can feel

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