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Arnicare Sport® can help relieve symptoms after physical activity. Use Arnicare Sport® before, during and after physical exertion to relieve cramps, aches and muscular fatigue.

Arnicare Sport® is a non-steroidal product. The lemon-flavoured chewable tablets are pleasant-tasting and easy to tote.

Arnicare Sport is a homeopathic medicine used for the relief of muscular soreness, cramping and fatigue following a physical workout or over exertion.

Dosage: Dosage to accompany each stage of your physical activity: prior to, during and recovery. Adults and children: from 6 years old - Chew tablets and allow to dissolve. Take tablets outside of meal time

Arnica montana 9CH, Sarcolacticum acidum 3CH, Zincum oxydatum 3CH

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powerful probiotics

Have tried other probiotics, including one designed for women but this one is most effective. If I avoid too much bread, I only need to take a capsule once or twice a week. So ,not really expensive to use.


Love these, healthier choice

Apple cider vinegar

I've used it for years. Good product

As effective as ever

I took this over 15 yrs. ago for a broke pelvis. Took it for years. Stopped as it didn’t need it anylonger. Recently my inflammatory markers were slighlly elevated, and m ower back started to ache. So I restarted it and yes after 5 days it’s back to normal. The company was the firs to come up with NEM and it’s still going strong.

Just Right

Great taste, satisfying and worth the price!