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A.Vogel Sabalasan Prostate 1

60 capsules
by A. Vogel
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A. Vogel Sabalasan Prostate 1Used in herbal medicine to relieve urologic symptoms associated with mild to moderate benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP) such as weak urine flow, incomplete voiding, frequent daytime and nighttime urination.Saw Palmetto is by far the most studied and most effective medicinal herb to treat benign prostate hyperplasia symptoms. It contains many active components: some hydrosoluble, like flavonoids, tannins and sugars, and some liposoluble, like carotene, sterols, fatty acids and fatty alcohols.

These liposoluble molecules are demonstrated to be the most active in BPH treatment.

Suggested Use: Adults: take 1 capsule daily with a small amount of water after a meal.
Each capsule contains:
Organic Saw Palmetto fruit extract* (Serenoa repens) (9-12:1) 320 mg, equivalent to 2880 - 3840 mg berries; and not less than 85% fatty acids.

Non-medicinal ingredients (of the capsule):
Gelatin, glycerin, purified water, sorbitol, iron oxide

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Prostate 1 satisfaction

I have Been taking prostate 1 for five years plus and happy with the results, on problems of getting up nights to go to bathroom.Your service has been very very good. Thank you. Doug Thibodeau.

Almost Perfect

I am very pleased with this product. I just wish it were slightly stronger. For that reason I give it four instead of five stars. Thank you

VITASAVE - one of the

VITASAVE - one of the best companies!

Sabalasan vs Other Products

I have been using Sabalasan Prostate 1 for a couple of months now, with some relief of symptoms. I had read that Saw Palmetto provides relief for 99% of non-infectious Prostatitis but takes up to a year to work. I have since discovered that Saw Palmetto only treats the symptom and not the cause. I have started taking AOR's Prostaphil 2 ( as it has been used successfully in Sweden for 50 years. Prostaphil 2 is not Bee Pollen but defined pollen extracts from plants. If you have BPH or Prostatitis I highly reccomend trying Prostaphil 2 for at least 3 to 4 months although you may experience some relief after just two weeks. AOR also has another product for prostate health if you wish to take both, but you may wish to start with Prostaphil first to see how much it is helping.