Bell #71 Calcium Build-up

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Bell #71 Calcium Build-up

Calcification (calcium deposits) can occur in the soft tissues of the body, such as heart valves, kidneys, liver, joints, cartilage, muscles, tendons, and many other parts of the anatomy. This is an abnormal occurrence that can be caused by various reasons. There might be a lack of vitamin K, a side effect of blood thinner medications. If there is a lack of dietary calcium, the body may take calcium from the bones to compensate. The body can send calcium to heal areas that have had injury or inflammation, therefore the calcium could deposit there if the system is not in balance. Also, the body 's overall mineral balance could be out of sync.

Bell Calcium Build-Up (product #71) was designed for these problems. With a great combination of natural ingredients, Calcium Build-Up will make sure the calcium in your body is being utilized properly. This formulation also helps in the maintenance of bones. You 'll notice that the formulation covers all of the bases by making sure you have great antioxidant value, good digestion and optimum absorption.

Calcium-Build-Up also provides vitamins and minerals to help make sure your body has the proper balance for efficient function. Vitamin K2 will help to protect the heart and brain while making sure the calcium in the body goes to the bones as it should.


    • Helps reduce calcium build-up (calcification) in arteries, joints, and other soft tissues.
    • With vitamins K2 and D3.
    • Helps in the maintenance of bones and helps to make sure calcium is going to the right areas in the body.
    • Provides healthy support for all of the body's organs and systems.
    • Provides antioxidants.
    • GMO free.

Directions: Take 1 capsule, twice daily. Take with food/meals.

Betaine HCL, magnessium glycerol phosphane, vit. K12 menaquinone-7, roseship 4:1, bioflavinoid, kidney extract FD, vit. D3
Take 1 capsule, twice daily. Take with food/meals.

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Anne Jodrey
Calcium Build up

I have used this product for years. Without it, my knuckles start burning after 3 days. Since using, my spider veins have become much fainter and some have disappeared.

Sheila Laird

I have been using this product for a couple of years now. It is a good product and of benefit to me.

James W.
Bell #71 Calcium Build-up.

Just started to take the product.
I am convinced it will help me.
Bell products are rated tops with me.
recommend seller. Fast service