Rene M. Caisse Essiac Herbal Extract (300 mL)

by Rene E. Caisse
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Rene M. Caisse Essiac Herbal Extract 300 mL

The four main botanicals in Essiac tea - sheep sorrel, burdock root, the inner bark of the slippery elm and Indian Rhubarb - are each purported by herbalists to have beneficial effects.* Sheep sorrel supports the endocrinal system.* Burdock root apparently eliminates free radicals and purifies the blood.* Slippery elm is believed to help maintain a healthy inflammatory balance in membranes and organs. *And Indian rhubarb reportedly helps the body, especially the liver, rid itself of wastes.


  • Immune Support: The natural herbal remedy, Essiac, helps support the immune system and normalize the body by aiding in the promotion of effective detoxification of the blood, liver, and lymph nodes
  • Powerful Antioxidants: Essiac is formulated to contain an abundance of powerful antioxidants to aid in promoting overall health and well-being. Since 1922, our Essiac traditional formulation has contained a proprietary blend of Burdock Root Extract, Sheep Sorrel Extract, Slippery Elm Bark Extract, and Indian Rhubarb Root Extract
  • Concentrated Liquid Extract: This alcohol-based extract/tincture comes in a 300ml dark tinted bottle to preserve the potency of the essential oils and vital plant nutrients. The liquid extract has superior absorption compared to water or glycerin-based extracts
  • Quick and Convenient: Unlike the traditional Essiac herbal tea powder, there is no need to brew as the vital plant nutrients have already been extracted into a powerful herbal tincture that is 4x to 6x more concentrated than the brewed tea
  • The Only Authentic Essiac: During the early 1920 's, nurse Rene Caisse was given the formula by a Canadian Ojibwa Healer. She later prepared her original herbal formula into a drink called Essiac, which is Nurse Caisse 's name spelled backwards, and she dedicated the remainder of her life to caring for patients with her powerful formula


Essiac Liquid extract 10.5 Fl oz - Dietary Supplements - Immune System Support

Dose: Adults: Take 2 tbsp. (10 ml) twice daily for daily use. Take 3 tsp. (15 ml) three times daily for other health situations, one hour before or after meals. For prolonged use, consult a healthcare practitioner. Shake well and refrigerate after use.

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evelyn kaiser

i controlled my breast cancer for 11 years ,taking essiac every day.i had last year the lump taken out of my right breast,feeling good now.i still take essiac,not every day,but it seems to be good for me.

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