Flora Daily Maintenance Enzymes 120 Capsules

120 vegicaps
by Flora
Product ID: F01384
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Help promote good digestion and overall health with Flora 's Daily Maintenance Enzyme, an all-around digestive enzyme combination. Supplementing with Flora's Daily Maintenance Enzyme helps minimize digestive problems and supports the breakdown of nutrients for absorption by replacing natural enzymes that are lost from cooking. In doing so, Flora 's blend helps promote maximum nutrient absorption for optimal health.


  • Gluten-Free + Non-GMO + Vegan
  • NPN 80034755
  • NPN Claim: Digestive Aid to help digest food.


Adults: 1-2 capsules, up to 3 times daily. Take 1 capsule with the first bite of food/meal. For a heavy meal, take an additional capsule.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jean Scott
A great product

Have taken these for years helps with the gerd also

Henry Moran
Great product

I had my gallbladder removed so I was having issues with my digestive system and this product proved to be great assisting me to digest food properly.

Dee Kranz
helps with digestion

again as we age everything decreases including our digestive enzymes. So this provides a helping hand to optimize the nutrients from the food we eat. When we don't take them we get a lot of gas build up and things seem to come to a real slow down. As with everything these work better on my husband than myself as our needs differ. I do not have a gallbladder and he does.

Sheila Tarry

Very satisfied, have referred people to this site.

MIchelle Livingstone

One of my favourite products. Definitely helps my digestion