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GanoCrest nano particlesreishirepresents the next generation of the very popular Reishi Essence red reishi. After months of research and industry collaboration, GanoCrest debuts as one of the most progressive nano pulverized Complete Lifecyclereishiwith a 35-55% polysaccharides content. Grown under strict clean room guidelines, GanoCrest product comes naturally pure with no other additives. That is 100% Complete Lifecycle red reishi, no dextrin nor by-products.

The growth of the mushroom happens in a strictly controlled environment. This method gives the ability to absolutely control every aspects of the growth and produces a consistent product quality all year long, while ensuring complete product safety without introducing contaminants. The cultivation of theganoderma lucidumlies with the target medicinal compounds in mind. By optimizing the culture parameters (such as light cycles, temperature, humidity, oxygen levels, etc), GanoCrestreishidominates the market with high concentration of polysaccharides.

A complete lifecycle product includes additional properties to the ones that are fruiting body based.

During the growth of the redreishi, numerous bio-elements compounds are produced and interact among each other. The extra-cellular bio-compounds usually exceed nutrients found on the mushroom fruit body itself. The growth progress happens without external interactions and plants nutrients are produced and consumed on a regular basis to sustain growth.

Complete Lifecycle red reishi takes advantage of everything during the growth of thereishi; Its exudes, bio-elements released, mycelium, spores and fruiting body. Since it is grown in a sterile clean room environment and in large specialized beakers, we are able to collect all of the beneficial compounds.

GanoCrest comes in 500mg vegan capsules, 90 capsules per bottle Side Effects: There may be rare side effects due to the consumption of reishi. If you are allergic to mushroom in general, avoid taking reishi.

For preventive purposes, take 1 - 2 capsules daily.
For individuals with health issues, take 2-4 capsules twice daily.
Made in: USA
Methods: Sterile environment and nano pulverized
Quantity: 90 Capsules
Concentration: 500mg per capsule - 1:1 ratio, less than 40 microns size
Ingredients: Organic Red Reishi - No fillers
Capsule: Vegeterian
Polysaccharides content: 35-55% - 175-275mg./capsule
Triterpenes: 1% - 5mg./capsule

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