Hyland's Calms 100 X 4 g Tabs

by Purity Life
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Hyland's Calms Tablets provide needed relief to symptoms related to nervousness, nervous exhaustion and stress. Many testimonials praise its soothing and calming effect in the face of life's every-day stresses.
Each 4 gr. tablet contains: plant extract of PASSIFLORA 1X Triple Strength (Passion Flower) AVENA SATIVA 1X Double Strength (Oat) HUMULUS LUPULUS 1X Double Strength (Hops) CHAMOMILLA 2X (Chamomile)

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Since I have had my gallbladder removed I have trouble digesting my food. I have to add enzymes and bile salts. For some reason the bile salts had been discontinued. Jason from Vita save took the time to email me and tell me that this product is what people who have had their gallbladder removed were using. So I tried it and was very pleased with the results. I have to take them at every meal. They have been a god send. Thank you vita save for your excellent service!

CanPrev Healthy Mood

This product is a great combination of ingredients that actually work. Was going through a difficult time and this helped me to sleep and slowly get out of my foul mood. But be careful and make sure that you are o.k. with GABA, 5HTP, etc.

Excellent produit

Produit excellent