Purica Immune 7

360 capsules
by Purica
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Expiration: January 2020
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Feeling Sick? Tired?

Immune 7x with Nutricol

Serious Immune Support


  • complements mainstream treatments
  • broad spectrum immune activity
  • anti-nausea and increased energy

Reported Main Uses:

  • serious immune support
  • cold and flu prevention & therapy
  • complement to mainstream therapies

Serious Immune Support - NANOTECHNOLOGYHighest Beta-glucans! Exquisite mushroom signatures that support all aspects of the immune system.Optimizing Nature
NATURALLY HYBRIDIZED STRAINS OF MUSHROOMS FOR OPTIMAL NATURALLY OCCURING CONSTITUENTS Controlled methods of mushroom cultivation ensure that your full spectrum blend is of the utmost quality. The end result is a product exceeding the original potency.

1. GROWING CONDITIONS: close attention is paid to selection of species and growth parameters of temperature, light, oxygen, etc.

to produce desired results. We use the most complete and broad-spectrum raw feedstock for downstream processing.

By growing the mushroom products this way, ultimate benefits are gained from each phase. 2. FULL MATURATION: Mushrooms are produced to full maturity (20-45 weeks) in small glass containers therefore capturing all metabolic exudates.

This ensures that all fuel-source is converted to essential mushroom compounds and everything is harvested.

If mushrooms are grown too quickly, much of the fuel source still remains in the raw material rendering them impure and weak. Full maturation ensures high polysaccharide content. 3. HIGH POLYSACCHARIDES: Polysaccharide yield is maximized due to growth conditions and duration.

Averaging 50 % beta-bound polysaccharide, beta-glucans, beta mannans, and heteropolysaccharides. 4. LOW TEMPERATURE DRYING: 140 degrees F maximum temperature optimizes beta-glucans, zyloglucan, heteroglucan, chitinous substance, protein complexes, terpenoids, and antioxidants. 5. NANO-SIZING: Nano-sizing is accomplished using a jet mill that employs compressed air or gas to produce particles less than one micron in size.

Precisely aligned jets create a vortex into which material is fed along an engineered tangent circle that accelerates. High-speed rotation subjects the material to particle-on-particle impact, creating increasingly smaller fines. While centrifugal force drives large particles toward the perimeter, fine particles move toward the center where they exit through the vortex finder. The mushroom particle size is approximately 1 to 2 nanometers in diameter, whereas a red blood cell is about 10 nanometers in diameter. Nano-sizing adds 5 to 10 times the potency of raw material! 6. NO IRRADIATION REQUIRED: Because of our pristine environmental growing conditions, we do not require irradiation as there are no cross contaminating variables to consider as confirmed by testing of every batch. This ensures that all active constituents are readily available. PR: I: L: LD: I: Rank: Traffic: Price: C:

Servings Size: 1 VegCaps
Servings Per Container: 360
Sun Mushroom (Agaricus blazei) 58.5% Beta-Glucans
(1-6, D-Beta Glucan)
Cordycept™ (proprietary HEAA
Cordyceps sinensis)
30% Beta-Glucans, deoxyadenosine and other nucleosides)
(Grifola frondosa)
28% Beta-Glucans (Protein bound Fraction extracted according to Dr. Nanba’s original formula)
Shiitake Mushroom
(Lentinus edodes)
40 % Beta-Glucans (including lentinan, alpha-glucan KS-2)
Cloud Mushroom(Coriolus versicolor) 40% Beta-Glucans (including polysaccharides P and K)
Red Reishi
(Ganoderma lucidum)
40% Beta-Glucans (1-3,{8}1-6 D-Beta Glucan, triterpenoids)
Nutricol® Proprietary plant complex containing EGCG, OPC’s, theaflavin and resveratrol from green tea and grape.
Other Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Very pleased!! Have my family and co-workers taking it. Love the large bottle! I work with children and this helps me to remain healthy. Thank you!!!

Best for flu season

My family and I have used this product for 5 years. I was the if there are a room full of people and a flu virus was about, I would get it first. If then pass it along to everyone in my family. But I can say using this regularly neither I or my kids ever have had the cold or the flu. also I've felt that it helps me and the kids be more alert and less fatigued. It's really a great product, pricey but well worth it!!!

Very happy with this

This is a good product! I appreciate the savings of getting this in the larger quantity too.

Karen C

I have been using Immune 7 for a few months and haven't had any illnesses that those I'm in contact with have experienced. Even with close encounters of the lip kind

I feel that this product

I feel that this product works great and will order again. Thank you!