Iron Vegan Amino Octane Pink Lemonade 430 g

430 g
by Iron Vegan
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Iron Vegan Amino Octane Pink Lemonade 430 g


AMINO OCTANE™ gives plant-based fuel a whole new edge. Every scoop contains a powerhouse of high-performance nutrients designed to support your body – so quitting just isn’t an option. This involves 3 core building blocks: FUEL, ENDURANCE & PROTECTION.


  • High Potency Vegan, Fermented BCAAs & Performance Nutrients
  • Naturally Flavoured, Sweetened & Coloured
  • Tested for Banned Substances (Safe for Sport)
  • Refreshing, Active Taste!


(Adults): Add 2 scoops (21 g) into 600 ml of cold water or the beverage of you choice. Consume once daily prior to or during physical activity. Ensure to drink enough fluid before, during and after exercise.

Medicinal Ingredients: 1 Scoop 2 Scoops
Vegan Fermented L-Leucine 2.5g 5g
Vegan Fermented L-Isoleucine 1.25g 2.5g
Vegan Fermented L-Valine 1.25g 2.5g
Vegan Fermented L-Glutamine 2.5g 5g
Beet Root 500mg 1g
Coconut Water 250mg 500mg
Magnesium Bisglycinate 50mg 100mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients (Pink Lemonade): Natural & Organic Flavours, Tart Cherry, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract, Sunflower Lecithin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Doesn't taste too bad, I actually enjoy it now, and I feel like it gives me lots of energy!

Nasty but fuel

tastes like spicy dog turds with some pink lemonade powder on top and it kinda hurts your stomach but it gives you a nasty pump and has high quality aminos