Libre Lively leaves Loose Leaf Tea Glass

14.3 oz / 420 ml
by Libre
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Libre Lively leaves Loose Leaf Tea Glass

The Libre Lively Leaves Loose Leaf Tea Glass is inspirational and pretty.

This leak resistant thermal container has a health conscious glass interior and a durable Poly Tritan exterior. Keeps drinks hot or cold and is easy to hold.

Great for iced tea, sun tea & fruit water, as well as hot tea. Filter keeps leaves, herbs, or fruits in glass away from mouth.

Do not use in microwave OR dishwasher. Hand wash only.

14 oz/420 ml glass 'n poly tea glass

Volume: 420mL or 14 ounces
Size: approximately 8.75 tall, 3.0 diameter
Materials: glass, polycarbonate, stainless steel

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Customer Reviews

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Nancy Fox
Love everything except drinking from it...

I find it difficult and unpleasant to drink from the cup because there is no smooth lip. You could produce an additional smooth-lipped piece that screws on either to the cup directly or to the filter piece…OR you could re-design the filter-piece to have a smooth lip above the screws and extend the lid down to reach the screws so the cup could still be screwed shut completely.

Great product

Keeps my tea nice and hot

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