Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality Natural Calm Plus Calcium

16 oz / 454 g
by Natural Calm
Product ID: NC00041
Expiration: NA
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If you feel you are not getting sufficient calcium in your diet, Peter Gillham's Natural Calm Plus Calcium is the answer. It blends Natural Calmthe best-selling, most absorbable and fastest acting magnesium available-with calcium and other key ingredients so the calcium you take will actually be fully utilized. Your body's magnesium level won't be depleted and there won't be any buildup of unabsorbed calcium. Suggested Use: Take 2 tsp twice daily at any time, at least five hours apart.

Amount per 2 teaspoons:

Magnesium......300 mg
Calcium.....200 mg
Potassium.....99 mg
Vitamin C......250 mg
Vitamin D3.....100 IU
Boron.....250 mcg

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing sleep!

I have been using calm for a couple of years. It helps with my joint pain by reducing the swelling. It really helps me sleep well. I drink it 2 hours before bed.

Calm Plus Calcium

Since I am taking Calm plus before bedtime I sleep so much better!
I fall asleep easier and stay asleep!