Preferred Nutrition Medi-C Plus Vitamin C & L-Lysine Formula Unflavoured

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Vitamin C & Lysine Formula

Humans do not make Vitamin C like animals do; we need to supplement this essential vitamin to meet our daily needs. Inadequate amounts of Vitamin C means poor collagen. Vitamin C and Lysine work together to build collagen, which strengthens and holds together the coronary cells. Coronary arteries, closest to the heart, receive the greatest pressure. Without enough Vitamin C the collagen weakens. This sets the stage for heart attack or stroke. Healthy collagen also supports healthy teeth, gums, cartilage, bones, connective tissue and wound healing. The antioxidants in Medi-C Plus also support and help maintain good health.


  • Helps support cardiovascular health
  • Helps collagen formation
  • Maintains healthy teeth and gums
  • Maintains healthy bones and cartilage
  • Helps connective tissue formation
  • Helps wound healing
  • Helps maintain good health


Suggested Usage: Dissolve one 5g scoop in 250mL of water or juice. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 6 months

Each (5g) Scoop Contains:
Medicinal Ingredients:
Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate, ascorbic Acid) 2000mg
Calcium (calcium ascorbate) 179mg
L-Lysine (L-Lysine hydrochloride) 1300mg
Non-medicinal Ingredients: Oryza sativa (rice) hull powder


Suggested Usage: Dissolve one 5g scoop in 250mL of water or juice. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 6 months

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The order

I appreciate the timely matter in which I received my parcel. Thank you

Powder Vitamin C

Love it, especially as it is not sweetened at all!!! Does not upset my stomach, even in larger doses. Happy to not have fillers for the sake of making a tablet or a capsule and happy not to have to digest capsules.

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24283 reviews
Superfood Smoothies
Blueberry Banana Peanut Butter Almond Smoothie

This smoothie is so delicious & refreshing!

Hi yes the product is good . Yes they seem to spell
My name wrong it is Gladys Dudar

Vitamin C

This form of vitamin C has been gentle on the system and good on my stomach, its not acidic. I feel energetic through the whole day.
Since I have started using this form of vitamin C I seem to have less allergic reactions and no colds.

Great product

I take 2 capsules at each meal, they are small. I am very happy with how my digestion has improved since taking them. Not bloated anymore!!!

Tranquility Liquid

Wasn’t able to find this product anywhere. Everyone was out of stock. Ordered 6 bottles. Arrived in two days. Amazing. Will be ordering from here again.