Genuine Health proteins+ Instant Smoothie a day - Orange Cream

390 g
by Genuine Health
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Expiration: June 2019
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Genuine Health Proteins+ Instant Smoothie a Day - Orange Cream


With proteins+ Instant Smoothie a day, you get a pure, all-natural source of highly absorbable whey protein for a healthier body including easier weight loss, increased metabolism and lean muscle. Simply add to water or juice, shake and enjoy its delicious orange cream taste, with 20 grams of pure protein, and no artificial ingredients or sweeteners.


    • Provides a satiating, long lasting protein
    • Helps build lean muscle and boost metabolism
    • Supports the immune system
    • Helps balance blood sugar levels

Ingredients Per 39 g Serving:

Medicinal ingredients:
Whey protein concentrate 29.74g
alpha+™ high alpha whey protein isolate (cross flow membrane extracted) 5.56g
Non-medicinal ingredients:
Natural flavor blend with stevia 2124mg
Guar gum 1000mg
Xanthan gum 300mg
Lactic acid powder 210mg
Citric acid 25mg
Malic acid 25mg
Beta carotene 20mg
Mix 1 scoop (39 g) in one-half cup (125 ml) of water or your favourite beverage

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