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New Roots Wild Oregano C93


Our Wild Oregano C93 has one of the highest carvacrol-to-volatile-oil content. Wild-crafted from sustainable sources in the Mediterranean, we use the Origanum minutiflorum species, considered the best quality worldwide.


    • Highest carvacrol content available: 93%
    • Kills off colds, flus, viruses, bacteria, fungal and so much more
    • Helps bladder, kidney and other infections
    • Treats cold sores, toothaches, dandruff and gum disorders

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 5 drops
Servings per Container: 30
Origanum minutiflorum (herb) oil (70.0% carvacrol
[93% carvacrol total volatile oils])
5.42 mg
Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Extra virgin certified organic olive oil.
Oregano (Origanum minutiflorum): Exerts antibacterial and antifungal action, and is effective to bolster immune system resistance for colds and flu. Oregano can also prove effective for a broad range of therapeutic uses that include gum disease, bladder infections, parasites, warts, bronchitis, and candidiasis.
Put 5 drops under the tongue and gulp or mix with 30 ml of water or juice three to five times daily or as directed by your health-care practitioner. Take with food. If you are taking supplements containing iron, zinc, calcium, or copper, take this product a few hours before or after them.

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I would love to but

I would love to but this is not my order...

Hooked for future online shopping

Unbelievable shopping experience. So professional..There is no doubt I
will pass on experience to friends.

Top Quality Oregano Oil

So far, this is the only one with the highest carvacrol and completely natural. I learned this product from blog on skin care (really it is fitness blog and he just posted one blog on the skincare) and it actually helps to my surprise. My skin is clear, acne continues less and less! This is product I will stick with! So glad I found one that actually WORKS, wish that I discover it years ago! One biggest con is that it is not available in the US where I live since shipping is expensive, haha.

Fantastic product

The oil of oregano is so versatile and I always take it when I feel a little cold coming on and it always prevents it from getting any worse. Not to mention it helps keep my skin clear

I think its helping me stay healthy!

Over the holidays it seemed that everyone was fighting a cold or flu so I started taking 3 drops under the tongue everyday for around 7 days if I feel I am exposed to more illness than usual or have the beginnings of a sore throat and I have yet to get sick. It tastes strong but by using the method of dropping it under the tongue and swishing it back with water or juice prevents you from tasting it full strength.