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Progressive Organics Spirulina Unflavoured

225 g

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Expiration: August 2020

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Progressive Organics Spirulina Unflavoured


Progressive Spirulina - Made entirely from organic, non-GMO spirulina that was grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and in complete compliance with organic standards. 

This green superfood is loaded with protein and trace vitamins and minerals and is perfect for delivering an extra burst of energy. 

This edible water-grown algae is considered a complete food. It contains 60-70% protein plus a variety of other nutrients including the essential fatty acids, GLA and linoleic acid, vitamin B12, iron, RNA, DNA and trace minerals. 

It is such a good source of protein and vitamin B12 that it is recommended for vegetarians or those who cannot tolerate meat. Its high protein levels also helps to stabilize blood sugar if taken between meals.


  • Made entirely from organic, non-GMO spirulina
  • Loaded with protein and trace vitamins and minerals
  • Inhibits the growth of candida and supports energy production and mental alertness
  • Promotes cleansing and heavy metal detoxification and supports immune function and energy production.


Mix 1 tsp of Organic Spirulina into fruit juice or the beverage of your choice. Consume once or twice daily. Start with a half tsp and slowly increase to a full tsp as desired.

Each teaspoon (3 g) contains:
Organic spirulina. 

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