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Genuine Health

Genuine Health Proteins+ Express Bars - Natural Vanilla

12 Bars

Product ID: GH00102

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Genuine Health Proteins+ Express Bars - Natural Vanilla
4/5 stars
I have tried almost all of the Genuine Health Bars. I eat them daily as a mid morning snack between breakfast and lunch usually. I'll describe the negatives first since it's such a short (and admittedly subjective) list. - Whey protein. I am trying to avoid whey (for personal reasons), but don't mind the occasional intake. - Sugars: I try to find bars that are less than 10g of sugar. Ideally 5 or less. I would like to see less sugar in the bars in a future recipe or something. Granted, the sugars is mostly natural, but I don't think anything else needs to be added. I've got a sweet tooth, but find these bars a little too sweet. On the other hand, the consistency, taste and overall nutritional value of the bar is quite good. At least from what I can see on the ingredient and nutritional information list. The consistency is not as chewy and thick as say, a Quest bar. It's as close to a candy bar taste with a pretty good nutritional profile as I can find that isn't loaded up on sugars. Vega Sport Performance bars is what I used to take, and they have twice the sugar and are about 20% more expensive. I settled on GH bars because of the good mix of variety of flavours, cost and nutritional value. Overall, I really like this product and actually ordered a couple more boxes as well. I would say that Genuine Health products are quite good and rivals that of Vega at a slightly cheaper cost. The only thing is that if you are looking for vegan, you must read Genuine Health ingredients carefully as not all of them are GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, etc.
Rating: 4 - 1 votes
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Genuine Health Proteins+ Express Bars- Natural Vanilla


For a convenient, protein-rich snack containing healthy, all-natural ingredients.Protein is vitally important for overall health, including weight loss and management, metabolism, fat loss and lean muscle. Containing all-natural, alpha+ whey protein isolate, Proteins+ Express Bars provide a delicious snack that's low in sugar and fat - and made from all-natural ingredients. As a mid-day snack or pre or post exercise, reach for a Proteins+ Express bar to get a superior source of all-natural protein and energy – naturally. 


    • Contain all-natural ingredients with no artificial fillers or sweeteners
    • Provide 14 grams of protein
    • All-natural digestive enzymes
    • Low in fat with great natural taste


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Bar (50 g)
Servings per Container:12
Whey protein blend (whey protein isolate, proteins+ alpha+TM whey protein isolate, Prohydroxy®P enzyme blend [bacterial protease, papain, amylase, lactase, lipase]), milk protein isolate, real Belgian milk chocolate (sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, lecithin, vanilla extract), dates, roasted soy flour, brown rice syrup, vegetable glycerine, rolled oats, whey protein crisps (whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, rice flour, calcium carbonate), soybean oil, fructo-oligosaccharides (natural extract of chicory root), soy crisps (soy flour, soy protein isolate, cocoa), dextrose, dextrin, oat fibre, natural flavours.

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