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PVL Essentials

PVL Essentials 100% Pure Glutamine - Unflavoured

1000 g

Product ID: PVL02856

PVL Essentials 100% Pure Glutamine - Unflavoured
5/5 stars
I like that the product is unflavoured, 110% pur and has no odd taste. My husband has cancer and our doctor recommended pure glutamine for his recovery. I am using it as well after reading about the benefits of glutamine.
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Expiration: February 2020

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PVL Essentials 100% Pure Glutamine 


Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in our body. You need to train hard, but intense exercise can deplete our bodies of up to 50% of its glutamine. Using supplemental glutamine can help protect muscle from being burned as fuel. Our exclusive glutamine provides unmatched recovery and immune boosting benefits. Our Vegetarian sourced fermented Glutamine is micronized for the highest solubility and uptake. Tested to USP pharmaceutical purity.


  • Supports digestive health
  • Banned substance tested - Informed-Choice certified
  • Protects muscle during intense exercise
  • Vegetarian sourced & fermented

Directions: Mix 1 serving with 125 ml (4oz) of cold water. Take after training. 

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